Clash of Titans an unofficial conversion-in-progress of the classic Avalon Hill board game TITAN.
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Lots of stuff remains to be implemented.

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Valley Games has re-released this classic board game with all-new artwork!

What is Titan?



Starting Your Turn

The Map






Colossus: A fully working TITAN implementation by someone else. Has many advanced features.
Shogun2:Economic Advisor: An economic analysis tool that I created for the game "Shogun2:Total War" published by Sega.
SimHammer:Combat Advisor: A melee analysis tool that I created for the GW tabletop fantasy miniatures game.


Jan 7-21: battlemap Ai in progress, not yet activated.
- Mainmap: AI correctly recruits gorgons instead of 3rd cyclops when behemoth/serpent absent from titan stack.
- Battlemap: hiding dice when remove casualties.
- Battlemap: rotation is now animated, triggered when selecting battlemap orientation in custom battle screen or when teleporting into battle.
- Battlemap: right-clicking offmap monster before battle starts no longer causes crash.
- Battlemap: at start of any movement phase, redisplaying monster legal moves even when monster was previously selected.

Dec 11-Jan 6: MILESTONE 3/4:  Battlemap interface complete.
Nov 9-Dec 10: MILESTONE 2/4: Mainmap Ai, additional mainmap UI features.
Oct-Nov8: MILESTONE 1/4: Main map UI.